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The EnviteC Medical Oxygen Sensors are intended as oxygen sensing component of an oxygen analyzer that measures oxygen concentration in breathing gas mixtures in the following applications: Sensing device for oxygen in medical ventilators, anesthesia machines, incubators, and control device of oxygen concentrators.

The most popular Medical Oxygen Sensors from EnviteC are for example OOM 101,102-1, 105, 110, 201 , 202 and 204.

Oxygens sensors for medical use: complaint with European MDD certificate (CE certification). Compliant to EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU. Meets ISO 80601-2-55. Designed & manufactured according to EN ISO 13485. Higher accuracy and reliability in response.

Another group company of Honeywell, City Technologies, is very popular for AO2, MOX3, MOX4 oxygen sensors.

Medical flow sensors

Sensors for measuring breathing gas flow in adult applications. High product quality. RoHS compliant. Biocompatible components

Life-support systems in intensive care and emergency medicine require products that are high quality in every detail. These flow sensors are known for their exceptional precision and reliability. EnviteC offers various types of hot wire (amperometric), differential pressure and semiconductor (chip) flow sensors.

The most popular sensors in this series are the Spiroquant A+ and the Spiroquant H Flow sensors.

Spiroquant A+ Flow sensor

Spiroquant A+ Flow sensor

Spiroquant H Flow sensor

2 Spiroquant-H CATALOG.pdf

Oxyquant S Medical Oxygen Monitor - suited for spot check of medical oxygen with typical applications in a NICU under oxygen Hood of neonates, Pipe Line connection checking, Oxygen Concentrator Purity, etc.

My Sign Oxygen Monitor is used typically in ICU as this has settable alarms and long-term monitoring features.
1 MySign O2 Monitor.pdf