About us

Medical Sensors India Pvt. Ltd., is a company that specializes in Medical Accessories and Traffic Safety products. We are operating since June 2004.

Our journey started with offering customized accessories for Medical Equipment manufacturers ( Pulse Oxi meters, ICU Ventilators and Oxygen Monitors) and branched into the fabrication of Hi-Tech Ambulances as we had the domain expertise from our earlier associations/engagements. Gradually we branched out to Traffic Safety and built Traffic Interceptors for AP Transport Dept and Karnataka Transport Dept. Based on the successful performance at these agencies, we were asked to provide similar solutions to various police forces all over India.

With time we started assembling Laser cameras, Breath Analysers locally with key components imported from Europe, USA and China. Today we have over 75% localisation of these products. Not only do we have considerable market share in India but also in SAARC countries and parts of Africa.

We also share a memorable bond with Honeywell India with whom we partnered and provided critical medical spares for Ventilator Manufacturers during COVID 19 pandemic and did our small service to the PM_CARES initiatives.

Our success story largely is due to dedicated team members and channel partners who have stood by us over the years. After-sales support is what brings customers back to us year after year.