Our model A8080P is a top-selling model in India, with over 5000 units in operation in various law enforcement agencies all over India. A8080P has an inbuilt thermal printer, 50,000 record memory, the possibility to enter driver / subject details for storage and printouts, and one Battery for both device and printer with over 500 test capacity with a full charge. We use a unique blow technology to ensure that the testing officer is not exposed to exhaled breath of the subject and thus protect the testing officer from the common cold, TB, and H1N1 type of air-borne infection. Our mouthpieces also employ a unique Non-Return Valve to ensure that the subject does not get infected by the infection already residing in the instrument by a previous measurement, thus ensuring that the instrument does not become a source of spreading an epidemic while testing. It is possible to use an ordinary straw cut into 3 pieces over this Mouth Piece to ensure hygenicity between users as well as cut down per test cost. A8080P comes in different variants to suit Traffic Police / RDSO / DGCA / Factory checking. A8080P is also widely used by the Airline industry and conforms to the features as envisaged by DGCA in their test protocol.

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